Why Volunteer?

Besides the fact that we need your help, here are some reasons why you should consider volunteering for the Green Party:

* Work with like-minded people. Do you find your office workmates have different values than you? With such different backgrounds, it’s no surprise that you all have different goals. You’ll be surprised how much the Green Party volunteers’ values align with yours.

* Learn new skills. Greens come from all ages and all walks of life. You’ll learn new skills from their skills.

* Gain a sense of accomplishment. Do important work that benefits society.

* Add volunteer experience to your resume. A well rounded resume increases your chance of advancement.

* Get positive health benefits by volunteering. Studies have shown that volunteering improves mental health by reducing loneliness and depression and improves physical health by lowering blood pressure. (Psychology and Aging, June 2013)

* Make new friends. Who knows who you’ll meet!

Volunteer Activities

Here are the types of activities Green Party volunteers will perform:

Promotion of events:

* Emails & Social media

* Phone canvassing

* Foot canvassing (door knocking) & Literature drop

Staffing events:

* Event planning

* Greeters & Registration

* Catering

* Chatting about Green policies

* Recruiting

* Recording donations

Volunteer with us!

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