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January 14, 2017 by vancouvereastgreens

The 2017 AGM for Vancouver East was very successful. We hope you can join us for other events this coming year.
  • We had more than double the participation of last year’s 2016 AGM, with two dozen in attendance. We’ll need a new venue for AGM 2018 next January.
  • Mark Carras, our 2016 CEO, reported on all the activities we completed last year. A very impressive list, considering it was the first year after the federal election. You can see some of the events in the Green Notes newsletter, Winter 2016 Issue.
  • Mark also gave the financial report on behalf of Jordan Bober who has moved to PEI and is helping the Green Party there. The good news is we will have cleared all outstanding debts as of the end of January.
  • The new board was elected by acclamation: Chair & CEO Wally Kunz, Financial Agent John Whistler, Vice-Chair Michelle Ziebart, Secretary Jim Hankle, and Board Members at large Bruce Wright, Jim Riva, John Turnbull, and Simon de Weerdt.
  • Wally Kunz, our 2017 CEO, presented a very aggressive list of tasks and events for 2017 and asked for volunteers to champion their favourite items. Check out the 2017 Task & Event List if you are interested in volunteering.
  • A new Green Party Advisory Panel was announced. This panel, for people with a limited amount of time they can volunteer, will help review and advise the Executive Board. Only two meetings a year are planned, for February and September. Check out Green Party Advisory Panel for details.
  • The purpose of the Vancouver East EDA is to elect Wes Regan as our MP in 2019. To that end, we are doing our best to raise the profile of the Green Party in Vancouver East. Our immediate plans are to support the candidacy of the BC Greens in the Lower Mainland and to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline.
  • We introduced BC Greens Jerry Kroll (Vancouver – Mt Pleasant), Pete Hallschmid (Vancouver – Hastings) and Joe Keithley (Burnaby – Lougheed) to our members. Several federal Green Party members have volunteered to help these BC Greens. If you want to volunteer, click
  • Since the Kinder Morgan pipeline is such a high profile item, we will be working with the BC Greens campaign to promote the Pipeline Referendum at
  • The meeting ended with over $3,600 in donations by members for “Vancouver Eats Dinner with Elizabeth May”. She will be joined by Wes Regan and six other Green Party members for a memorable evening in February or March.
  • After the AGM adjourned, we socialized for another 1/2 hour or so until we braved the cold to go to our homes.

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