2017 Task & Event List

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January 14, 2017 by vancouvereastgreens

2017 Task & Event List

This lists jobs or tasks and events that the Vancouver East EDA could take on for 2017.

Please comment or suggest additional jobs or tasks. If you want to champion a job or task, please email Wally. We especially need volunteers for the items highlighted in blue.


* Strategy

* Management

Accounting & Legal

* Financial Agent

* Budget for 2017 (and thru the next election)

* Someone who knows all the bylaws and procedures

     o GPC

     o Vancouver East

     o Elections Canada

* First draft of minutes of Executive Board meetings

* Gender: women, LGBQT

* Seniors

* Other diversity: Indigenous, Asian, East Indian, African / Caribbean


* Advisory Panel

     o Review board decisions and offer suggestions

     o Read the quarterly newsletter, Green Notes, and other emails

     o Meet just twice a year

     o Must be a Green Party member

* GPC Ottawa

     o Events

     o Financing

* Lower Mainland EDAs

* BC Greens

* Other organizations with similar ideals: Dogwood Initiative, Lead Now, Coast Protectors, Action Network, Greenpeace, Leap Manifesto, Friends of Public Services, BC Sustainable Energy Assn, 350.Org, Grandview Woodland Area Council

* Other federal political parties


* Events

* Phone canvassing

Phone Canvassing and GVote

* Phone Canvassing / Training

* GVote User’s Manual / Improvements

Social media: Website and Facebook

Newsletters and invitations

* Newsletters and cover emails

     o Spring: 2017 AGM, Advisory Panel, Green Media Potluck

     o Summer: CFD, BBQ, Pride booth

     o Fall: Advisory Panel, Green Review/Opportunity Party, Green Gala

     o Winter: 2017 summary, Green Gala, 2018 AGM

* Invitation emails


* Events

* Phone canvassing


* Increase


* Training/discussion sessions

* Encourage new policies


* Get Out The Vote

* Much expanded Communications Department


Green Media Potluck

Graphic artist

Event Logistics/Transportation

* Tables, chairs, etc.

* Recycling that the City of Vancouver doesn’t do – signage & bins

Vancouver East 2017 Activities

* Both public (outreach) and private (members) / both community events and Green sponsored events

* Sample schedule

Jan: EVENT: AGM (members)

Feb: EVENT: Advisory Panel (members)

Mar: GVote training classes Mar: PHONE/FOOT CANVASS: drive for new members and renewals Mar: ATTEND: BCSEA (Green Tech Conference)

Apr: PARTICIPATE: Provincial election (April 9 to May 9)

May: EVENT: Vancouver East Fundraiser – (after provincial election)

Jun: CO-EVENT: Car Free Day (community)


Aug: PARTICIPATE/CO-EVENT: Pride Parade & booth

Sep: EVENT: Advisory Panel (members)

Oct: EVENT: Green Review/Opportunity Party

Nov: CO-EVENT(Proposed ): Green Gala w/civic and Vancouver Centre

Dec: CO-EVENT: Xmas Party (members and Lower Mainland EDA Boards and volunteers)

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