Site-C Dam

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July 26, 2016 by vancouvereastgreens

The proposed 60 metre high Site-C mega dam would flood over 100 km of the Peace River valley, drowning a land area equal to 14 Stanley Parks, and risking landslides as the banks of the reservoir erode over time. It would cause permanent environmental damage and violates the treaty rights of Treaty 8 First Nations.
The agricultural land in the Peace River is very productive because of the alluvial soil and long growing season. Site-C will destroy or severely impact over 30,000 acres – agricultural land that could feed over one million people.
BC Hydro says the Site-C dam is necessary because BC needs the energy, but we don’t. Hydro’s own reports say BC can meet current demands through energy conservation. Site-C is not about meeting the electricity demands of British Columbians; it is about subsidizing BC’s oil and gas and mining industries. It’s an $8 billion taxpayer subsidy to a dirty fossil fuel industry that needs cheap energy to expand.
For more info:
Wilderness Committee

Peace ValleyPeace Valley


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