Proportional Representation

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July 26, 2016 by vancouvereastgreens

Under our current first-past-the-post voting system, 39% of the votes garnered 55% of the seats and therefore 100% of the power. Our democracy is broken. Prime Minister Trudeau promised that 2015 would be the last first-past-the-post election in Canadian history, and that every vote would count in our next election.

Proportional Representation includes new methods of voting that match the elected MPs by party more closely with the popular vote. Most people in a federal election, in every party, vote for a candidate who is not elected, so their vote is wasted. Elizabeth May is on the parliamentary committee that’s researching the methods this year.

A referendum on proportional representation is not necessary since over 50% of the electorate in 2015 voted for a political party that was committed to proportional representation. A referendum would only delay the implementation of a new method of voting past 2019.

To learn more or to make your voice known, please sign an electronic petition.

Lead Now BC

Vote Better BC

Dogwood Initiative

Tanker Ban


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