No 10 Lane Bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel

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July 26, 2016 by vancouvereastgreens

Most mayors on the Metro Vancouver Board support the report which highlights the following issues:

  • Insufficient consideration of alternatives to a ten-lane bridge.
  • Lack of integration into the regional growth strategy and transportation network.
  • Ecological disruption to the Fraser River estuary, an important habitat for salmon and birds.
  • Impacts on Metro Vancouver infrastructure, including water mains and sewer lines.
  • Recreational and ecological disruption on Deas Island Regional Park.
  • Downloading of major expenditures onto local governments for road improvements.
  • Negative effects on transit ridership and affordability.
  • Insufficient consideration to climate change and air quality.

The only thing road projects like this do is move the traffic jam; 8 of the 10 lanes are for single occupancy vehicles. Mass transit is a better solution. It seems BC’s Liberal government would rather build a bridge high enough to allow LNG tankers to pass under rather than widening the Massey Tunnel and improving its seismic readiness.


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